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October 18, 2010

Why hello there blog.

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Good afternoon blog! I haven’t written in you for over two years! To be honest, I forgot that I had you. I thought that I would let you all know I did indeed go back to school! I am doing my bachelor of education degree and am in my second year! Isnt that exciting?
On a more depressing note: I still work at the Home Depot.
I remember when I first started this blog Lisa wanted me to mostly write about Home Depot because she thought it was hilarious the stories that I would tell. I mainly wrote this blog so she would have something to read while she was in Vancouver. However, she is home in Edmonton now and there was no real reason to post things on the internet for her to read. WHY POST WHEN I CAN CALL? Anyways I am super busy with school and probably shouldn’t be wasting my time writing in a blog but it is kind of fun to share silly things about my day. I don’t even expect anyone to read this business. I don’t have a particularly interesting life. I suppose a lot can happen to a person from the age of 18 to 21. I guess we will just start new!

Farwell blog world. I’ll try to remember to keep you posted.


September 3, 2008

All this school bussiness

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With all of these exciting people i know going to university, it makes me want to go way more bad then I thought I wanted to. SO I’m going to get myself some math 30 pure and do some applying for next September. I’m terrified of not being able to get in, but I MIGHT AS WELL FREAKIN TRY. So that’s my plan.

I think the scariest thing in life is the fear of being a failure, and the second is not knowing what you want to do at all.

Seriously in the famous words of Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, “I’m just a fucked up girl, looking for her own piece of mind, I’m not perfect.”

I work at Home Depot tomorrow.


September 1, 2008

I don’t make enough blogs

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So I haven’t been working at Home Depot lately because my Grandpa died so they gave me some time off. It’s okay though DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.

I’m not gonna lie I haven’t had exactly what you could call the greatest week, but to make up for it I’ve had some pretty great stuff happen too. HOORAY!!

My Mother totally ruined my surprise for Lisa by telling her she has all these air miles for me to fly to Vancouver to visit my fair Lisa in OCTOBER!! I was like “UHG MOM IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE” and Lisa laughed a lot. I gotta book some time off of work for that I tell you what. I’ll be gone for probably a week, so don’t miss me too much guys. I know you will though. Also Lisa’s Mom drove me home from work last week, that was pretty swell! P.S Shea have you died?

Anyways so I went to Lucky 13 tonight with Nicole and we danced. We also laughed at the half dressed ladies gyrating their bodies all over the floor.  I didn’t pay for drinks (I love you Madison) or wait in line! (I love you Madison!) A creepy guy with no tooth talked to me on the street as well, and I yelled at a guy for being stupid and rude. I wasn’t even drunk!

PS it’s fucking cold here beyond belief. I hate the cold more then I hate olive juice. Which is a lot. I’m going to buy a snow suit or something just to go outside. If I could be a comfortable temperature all the time, I think I would never be sad ever.  I’m going to make this a long blog so Lisa and Brendon have something exciting and new to read!! Lovers you twooo.

I really want to go back to school, but I don’t know what to take. Let’s figure that out together blog readers! Anyways I really don’t have anything else to say except that I am cold now. SO FAREWELL DEDICATED BLOG READERS.

August 18, 2008

My Weekend.

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Well my weekend began at 7:30 pm on friday evening as that is when I was off work. Or so I was to believe, but instead I worked from 10:30 am till 10:30 pm that night. Hell. Then I went to karaoke and sang some songs and went to work in the morning.

Saturday was a long and busy day at Home Depot, there were way too many people wanting to buy stuff. Some girl called in because she was too tired. What  bull shit.

Eff work, that night I went out with Stefanie to Whyte Ave and had a few drinks. It was a blast and Stefanie and I met some fun people along the way. One was named Pimpy. No jokes, he showed us his id and everything. Then Stefanie’s next door neighbor picked us up in a limo and we rolled on home. Needless to say it was a riot of an evening.

My life is pretty lame, today I just hung out with the niece and nephew +their parents. But Elyse and I had a lovely time smoking and this thunderstorm is INSANE. I am loving every minute of it.

ALSO TODAY I RAN INTO MEGAN AND IRNES. At londonderry mall of all places.

I work tomorrow. LAME.


August 14, 2008

Long ass day.. (the blog i thought i lost. sorry lisa)

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So I woke up on my way to work ladie da. I show up at 11, because that’s when my shift starts right?

WRONG. IT’S 1:30.

fuckkkkk, I can’t go home and I sit around for 2 and a half hours because my boss says they need need need me for closing tonight. So I wait.

I talked to Josh and read punk magazines with Tom, so it wasn’t too bad.

Finally when I do start work and guess what, there are a million people working, more then we have tills. So I just sat on my butt and pretended to clean stuff. Finally got a till half an hour before my one hour break starts, I help like seriously maybe 10 people. Go on break get back and get sent home. YOU KNOW WHY?!?! Because there are too many closers. What a joke.

Besides that it was obnoxiously hot today, completely unbearable for that matter.

The good thing was Adam and I made a balloon display and goofed off for about an hour. What a fun time.

OHHH HOME DEPOT. I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW. Actually at 11 this time.

A day where I also did not work.

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So I didn’t work today at home depot but once again I do tomorrow.

I went to Stefanie and James house today and hung out with the god daughter and nephew what a lovely time. I fed Max today which was exciting because I haven’t done that before. Gabby was super pumped to see me which I always love. She’s the darned cutest thing ever, a total trouble maker I must say. I also hung out with Erika tonight and bitched hard core about David, so Lisa and Brendon shall be happy to know that there is no worries in that department. I will call with details later <3.

The last 2 days I started work at 6:45 am, which blew chunks but getting off at 3:45 was pretty sweet. Still having a day and getting 8 hours pay in, is never a bad deal. Except I left my wallet and Stef’s house so I have to stay up and wait for James to bring it to me. HOW UNFORTUNATE. Also I am planning on my Vancouver trip in October. HOORAY. Gotta check some plane ticket prices, fuck the bus. Rather not get my head cut off. Which is actually terrible.

Also I was staring at these two people yelling really loudly on the LRT today and the girl was like “Stop people are staring, like that girl over there” and pointed at me. I said “It’s true I am.” awkwarddddd.

Oh also a 60 year old woman in Aspen Gardens got raped in her home. FUCKING SCARY. They think it’s the serial rapist in Garneau. I’m going to not walk home alone anytime soon.

Anyways James is here with my wallet now, So I am going to finish this entry, BLOG YOU LATER.

August 6, 2008

Today is a day of NEW BEGININGS.

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I decided to make a blog today, because Lisa has a blog and the world has come to clicking on links to keep up with whats exciting and new in everyone’s lives. So if you are interested in the knowings of my life here is a blog for the most wondrous adventures that I obviously have everyday.

At Home Depot today it was very slow and I was only hassled by one customer on the prices of our paint. Which wasn’t so bad. I made friends with a customer who I gave a set of shears to for 40 dollars.

I went to a crazy punk show last night, and needless to say I think punk is a very funny thing. I made lots of jokes. A drunk punk, aka prunk, said he wanted to be on me like tuna on mayonnaise.


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